“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ― Napoleon Hill, THINK and Grow Rich- Many have ask me how I am able to be the top earner and top producer in every thing I place my hands to, and I always tell them its NOT me. because I have never went to college or got a business degree. You see I dont work for money. Haven't had a job in a very long time. Instead I focus my thoughts and energies toward the things I wish to come to pass. It's my conscious thoughts that create the substance of the things I desire in my life. This is The (God/creator within me) I am in His likeness. The thought causes the money and abundance to come to me, at which point I give HIM all the praise and glory. It's a simple matter of asking God for what I desire and having the faith that it will come to pass. Caring not how it will happen, but rather just having unshakable faith that it will. The Lord said we have not because we ask not. What we ask for and EXPECT and focus on the most is what CREATES our reality. Create yourself a mind video like mine below or paste picture in plain site of the things you desire in this life. Imagine daily that you already have these things and magical things will began to happen as the pictures and your dreams become reality.